To receive an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 blockchain asset, you will need your Enjin Coin or Ethereum address. To do so, go to your main wallet and select Ethereum or ENJ.

On the ENJ or ETH page, select "Receive" and use the "Copy Address"" button to copy your wallet address.

Alternatively, you can obtain your address by navigating to the Collectibles section of your wallet via the main menu. Tap "Receive" and "Copy Address" to obtain your wallet address.

In the Collectibles section, you can view all of your blockchain assets, details, and transactions. You can also send and receive collectibles via this section.


Sending collectibles is simple.

To do so, navigate to your wallet's Collectibles section. Select the platform to which the item you wish to send belongs. Either tap on the desired item or the three dot icon at the top right. Tap "Send Item," enter the intended recipient's wallet address (Ethereum), select the sending fee, and input your password to complete the transaction.


In order to melt a blockchain asset and retrieve the imbued ENJ from within it, navigate to the Collectibles section and select the item to melt. Tap "Melt Item," choose your transaction fee, and input your password to destroy the item and retrieve its ENJ backing.

Reminder: Melting an item destroys it forever.

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