The Enjin Wallet offers an import feature that enables you to import various Mnemonic Words-secured wallets, such as Coinomi, Metamask, Ledger, and Trezor. You can also import Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin wallets using Keystore or Private Key.

Import Wallet

New Users: When opening the Enjin Wallet app for the first time, you will see three options: Create Wallet, Import Wallet, and Watch Wallet.

To import a wallet, tap "Import Wallet" and select the type of wallet that you would like to import.

Home screen for a freshly installed app

Existing Users: To import a wallet, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner and select "Manage Wallets," followed by the + sign and "Import Wallet."

Terms and Conditions

After choosing to import a wallet, new users will be prompted with the Enjin Smart Wallet Terms and Conditions. Read these in full before selecting "I agree."

Terms and Conditions

Wallet Type

After accepting the Terms and Conditions, select the correct wallet type to import.

Select Wallet Type

Enjin Smart Wallet vs. Enjin Smart Wallet (Legacy)

When re-importing an existing Enjin Wallet, you will need to know in which app version it was created.

Enjin Smart Wallet: New wallets created after the 1.3.7 update on Android / 1.2.7 on iOS (March 2019) and equivalent will use a new derivation path. For these wallets, use the Enjin Smart Wallet import option.
Enjin Smart Wallet (Legacy): Wallets created prior to the 1.3.7 update must be imported using the Enjin Smart Wallet (Legacy) option.


Now it's time to enter your 12-word recovery phrase.

Note that if you if you enter an incorrect passphrase, a new wallet will be created rather than importing the intended wallet.

Enter Passphrase

After confirming your 12 words, choose a password for your new Enjin Wallet.

Create a New Password

Confirm your new password and tap "Next Step" to complete the import process.

Confirm Your Password
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