Security Features

Enjin Secure Keyboard: Custom keyboard designed to protect users from any form of data sniffing or keyloggers.
Screenshot Blocking: On Android, secure window layout at the OS level stops any screenshot or video recording attempts of security-sensitive elements, such as the recovery phrase and password input interface.
12 Words and a Pen: In case users lose their device, they can restore their wallet with their private key—just 12 words written on paper.
Rule of Two Encryption: Two completely independent layers of cryptography protect the keystore and confidential data.
ARM Instructions: Custom ARM instructions ensure that sensitive data is instantly deleted from phone memory.
RAM Encryption: All key data is held and processed in encrypted Random Access Memory.
Private Keys: The Enjin Wallet never holds or has access to users’ funds — users are in total control of their private keys.

Advanced Features

In-App Token Swap: Users can seamlessly convert over 300 tokens from thousands of available trading pairs, including ENJ, BTC, ETH, and LTC.
DApp Browser: Interact with any decentralized app in the single click of a button.
Fingerprint Unlock: Users can use their fingerprint to immediately check their assets, without the need to enter yet another password.
Hardware Wallet Tracking: Users can easily track their hardware wallet balance and transactions.
Custom Fees and Limits: Users can utilize optimized, dynamic send fee calculation—or set their own custom fees and limits.
Import and Sweep: Wallet users can import from all major wallets in a few easy steps—and sweep Bitcoin and Litecoin.
Create Infinite Wallets: Users can create, import, track, and use an infinite number of BTC, ETH, LTC, ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 blockchain wallets.
Auto-Add Tokens: Users can automatically add tokens from the wallets they import or track.
QR Codes: Users can scan Enjin Beam QR codes to send, receive, and claim blockchain assets.
Local Currencies: Users can view balances in their local currency.
Multilingual: Support for over 30 languages.
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