The Enjin Wallet is a secure, feature-packed, and convenient cryptocurrency and blockchain asset wallet built for traders, hodlers, and gamers. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Chain, ERC-20 tokens, and ERC-721 & ERC-1155 blockchain assets.

The Enjin Wallet is:

Impenetrable: Pioneering security features work in tandem to turn your phone into a hardware-like, secure blockchain wallet.
Convenient: Unlock your wallet with a fingerprint, swap and exchange ERC-20, BTC, ETH & LTC, track your hardware wallet, and more.
Liberating: No annoying ads. Zero trackers. Your private keys are your own. Paper-powered, 12-word passphrase backup.

Download the Enjin Wallet from Google Play.
Download the Enjin Wallet from the App Store.
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